I deliver text that is accurate, organized, and original. Articles, blog posts, and professional biographies are just a few areas in which my writing can augment your personal and professional success.

I specialize in educational and assessment writing. I’ve worked for a well-known U.S. educational publisher, creating online course content and assessments. I’ve created and contributed to study guides for several standardized tests, including the AP English exam, the TEAS V exam, and the LEED Building Design and Construction exam. I also create comprehensive lesson plans that include class work, homework assignments, assessments, and project ideas.

As an editor, I make sure that your document or manuscript meets the needs of your readers, who look to you for writing that is clean, clear, informative, and engaging. I primarily focus on copyediting, which is editing that takes care of those pesky grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, syntax, and organizational issues that can get in the way of what you are communicating. I use the Chicago, APA, and MLA style manuals but I'm happy to use any house style your project requires.

In addition, I provide detailed analyses of fiction manuscripts. I’ll read your manuscript closely, then give you an in-depth report that looks at seven distinct areas: plot, theme, characters, dialogue, setting, prose, and genre. This type of analysis will help you prepare your manuscript for self-publishing or submission to agents and publishing houses.

As a translator, I deliver work that shares the original document’s information accurately and in the same voice and tone. If appropriate, I leave cultural references intact, but when necessary I insert explanations to make sure that readers fully understand what the translation is communicating. Areas of experience include CVs; marketing and advertising materials; business proposals; human resources documents; hospitality and tourism web content; and engineering proposals.

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